In the dynamic world of family law, where emotions run high and challenges are plenty, Gregory Gilston stands out not just as an attorney but as a story of innovation and resilience. His unique journey, starting a family law practice amid the global pandemic, offers invaluable insights for business owners navigating turbulent times.

From Counselor to Counselor-at-Law: A Unique Blend of Expertise

Gregory’s background in mental health counseling sets him apart in the legal field. His ability to analyze relationships and manage conflict is not just a skill but an art, honed through years of experience. It’s this distinctive blend of expertise that forms the cornerstone of his practice, providing a holistic approach to family law that is both rare and effective.

Adapting and Thriving: Starting a Practice During a Pandemic

The timing of Gregory’s venture – amidst the global health crisis – could have been a setback. Instead, he transformed it into an opportunity for innovation. Drawing lessons from past inefficiencies, Gregory quickly implemented solutions, focusing on a people-centric approach.

This adaptability was key in overcoming the challenges posed by remote work, making his solo venture not just viable but successful.

Rapid Response: The New Business Mantra

Gregory’s experience as a new business owner taught him the value of swift action. Identifying and addressing inefficiencies rapidly has been a game-changer. He leveraged his background to improve processes, and crucially, embraced automation and technology to navigate the shift to remote work seamlessly.

Balancing Empathy and Realism in Family Law

In family law, managing client expectations is a delicate task. Gregory’s approach is to focus on solutions, ensuring clients feel heard and secure. He emphasizes the importance of transparency and realism, aiding in compartmentalizing issues to streamline the legal process.

Work-Life Harmony: A Strategy for Success

Gregory’s strategy of visualizing separate ‘baskets’ for work and personal life is a masterstroke in stress management. This approach, rooted in his mental health expertise, helps maintain focus and balance, a strategy that’s particularly beneficial for business owners.

Driven by Passion: Making a Positive Impact

Gregory’s drive stems from his desire to help people during their most challenging times. His passion for efficiency and genuine care for his clients transcends the usual attorney-client relationship, making him a true advocate for positive change.

Scaling for the Future: Strategic Growth and Learning

As he looks to scale his practice, Gregory remains grounded yet visionary. He plans to leverage business coaching and continue learning, aiming to maximize growth while maintaining the quality of service. His openness to new ideas and commitment to continuous improvement are exemplary for any growing business.


Gregory Gilston’s journey is a success story that showcases his resilience, innovation, and growth. His unique blend of mental health expertise and legal acumen, combined with an unwavering commitment to his clients and business, offers a blueprint for business owners navigating the complexities of today’s world.


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