About Trustbook Media Founder

Yoon Cannon

Trustbook Media Founder Story …

HELLO! Nice to meet you!  … I’m Yoon Cannon. 

I help SMB owners attract more clients with ease, so you can create a freedom business you love!

I founded Trustbook Media, a subsidiary of Paramount Business Coach, to help Law Firm Owners and 7-figure CEOs get their marketing executed faster, so they can focus on what they do best and never have to worry about leads again.

In addition to running Trustbook Media digital marketing agency I’m also booked for speaking engagements. 


Past Speaking include:

American Bar Association

Chamber of Commerce

eWomen’s Network

Asta Tech Bio Center

American Inns of Court

Entrepreneurs Forum

IDEAS Women's Conference

Pennsylvania Bio Tech

Association of Legal Admins

International Coach Federation

Success Mentors Summit

Pennsylvania Jewelers Association

Exec Sense for Law Firms

Lifetime Expos Symposium

Women’s Business Forum

National Association of Catering Executives

Int’l Entrepreneurs Summit

Social Media Success Summit

Women’s Referral Network

and more …

Focus on What You Love to Do Best Let Us Do the Rest!

You can have peace of mind when you outsource your marketing to Trustbook Media. I work very closely with each of our clients and oversee the delivery of work As a serial entrepreneur, I bring a unique perspective when it comes to helping you grow and scale your business to the next level. I share some notable highlights not to impress you, but to impress upon you that …

Established Trustbook Media

a full service digital marketing agency

  • Began as a result of my business coaching clients asking if my team could take over after their frustrating and disappointing experiences with other digital marketing agencies.
  • We work with select clients offering done-for you marketing, advertising, PR, social media, SEO, website designs and more.
  • 2020

    Founded Paramount Business Coach

    helping SMB owners to achieve epic goals like

  • Selling their own businesses, so they can retire comfortably
  • Shaving 10 hours off their work week for greater work-life balance
  • Hitting their first Million Dollar milestone
  • Achieving 24M milestone
  • Creating a business that is less owner dependent for greater freedom!

  • 2007

    Sold three of my businesses

    for a profitable exit


    The birth of my 3 children

    motivated me to grow more while working less!

  • Doubled the business 4 years in a row while shaving more hours off my work week!
  • 1999 = was my 40-hour work week
  • 2000 was my 30-hour work week
  • 2001 = was my 25-hour work week
  • 2002 = was my 20-hour work week
  • 2003 = was my 15-hour work week
  • 2004 = was my 10-hour work week
  • 1999, 2000, 2004

    Launched two side businesses for fun

  • A non-profit production company with a retail store
  • An entertainment venue with food and liquor license
  • 1998-2003

    Spent 9 months pre-selling to launch my second business

    a membership based training center

  • Thanks to effective pre-selling strategy we kicked off our Grand Opening with 200 paying customers!
  • As the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Revenue Officer I was constantly testing every type of marketing and advertising strategy that provided job security for the 30 people on my payroll.
  • 1997

    My first business was as a direct sales marketing company

  • Hit the 7 figure sales milestone
  • Expanded the marketing business into six additional brand locations
  • Got my chops for hiring and developing a powerhouse team of sales representatives!
  • 1992

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