Navigating the High Stakes of Venture Capital: Insights from Scott Amyx

I had the privilege of sitting down with Scott Amyx, a deep tech venture capitalist with a wealth of experience and insights. In this interview, Scott shares his expertise on what it takes to thrive in the world of venture capital, the pitfalls that startups often encounter, and the crucial elements that set successful ventures apart.


The Importance of Timing: 

Scott Amyx’s career journey has been marked by the importance of timing. He emphasizes that while having a great product or idea is essential, timing is equally critical. He recounts his own experiences, notably pioneering FinTech in 2006, and launching his own FinTech venture in 2010. 

While the concept was sound, he admits he was ahead of his time, underlining that timing can make or break a startup. This lesson applies across various industries, and entrepreneurs should be attuned to market cycles to ensure their ventures align with prevailing trends.


Understanding Beta Risk:

Scott Amyx underscores the significance of beta risk—the unforeseen market risk—in addition to the more commonly considered alpha risk, which pertains to firm specific issues.


Many leaders focus intensely on their own companies, often overlooking external market forces that can dramatically impact their businesses. Being attuned to and adapting to these beta risks is key to survival and sustainable growth.


Egotism and Humility: 

Scott emphasizes that successful leaders should understand the limited impact they can have on external events. Acknowledging that much of what occurs is beyond their control allows for a more balanced, holistic perspective. 

This humility, coupled with the ability to navigate various market scenarios, is crucial for long-term success.


Qualities that Matter: 

When evaluating potential venture capitalists, Scott highlights several key qualities. Trust, demonstrated through consistency, is paramount. Trust is the bedrock upon which investor relationships are built. 

Technical domain expertise is another critical factor. Investors who can delve deep into the technical aspects of the businesses they support add unique value. 

Lastly, a willingness to openly acknowledge failures and share lessons learned is a hallmark of an investor’s integrity. In an industry where losses are inevitable, the ability to be forthright with investors is essential for building trust.



Scott Amyx’s insights provide a valuable roadmap for law firm owners and professionals looking to navigate the world of venture capital. His experiences highlight the importance of timing, adaptability, humility, and trust-building. 

As the venture capital landscape continues to evolve, these lessons remain invaluable for those seeking long-term success in this dynamic field.

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Scott Amyx is the Chair & Managing Partner at Astor Perkins. Astor Perkins is a deep tech and sustainability VC that backs mavericks solving some of the hardest problems facing humanity on Earth and in space.


He is the author of Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success, which has been endorsed by Tony Robbins, Forbes, Singularity University, Tribeca Film Festival, and other global influencers. 

From climate change mitigation and adaptation, longevity, and human survival on Earth and in deep space, to the space economy itself, Astor Perkins is tackling some of the most difficult scientific, engineering, and technical problems that have global market potential.

Scott is also a Forbes New York Business Council Member, Singularity University/ Smart City Accelerator mentor and startup board member and SXSW Pitch (formerly SXSW Accelerator) judge. Scott is a Tribeca Disruptor Foundation Fellow, a disruptive innovation awards program of Tribeca Film Festival. Scott is a national Sloan Fellow/ Woodrow Wilson Fellow. He has spoken at TEDx on exponential technologies, Fourth Industrial Revolution & success. 

Mr. Amyx is a global thought leader on breakthrough innovation, voted top global innovation keynote speaker, and author on smart cities, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and winner of the Cloud & DevOps World Award for Most Innovative and was voted Top Global Exponential Technologies Expert by Inc. Magazine, HP Enterprise, and Postscapes & Top 10 Global Innovation Keynote Speaker by 

Scott has been nominated to the World Economic Forum as a committee member for the Future of the Internet. The Republic of Korea nominated Scott to present at the ITU Telecom World, United Nations. Sovereignties, governments, multinationals, and international consulting & research firms look to Scott for unrivaled insights and pulse on the changing landscape.

He was voted the Most Influential Leader in Smart Cities and awarded the 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by Inc. Magazine, Internet of Things Institute, HP Enterprise, World CSR Congress, and numerous institutions. 

Scott Amyx is enabling the realization of a global network of smart, sustainable cities through his partnerships with the United Nations, United Smart Cities, United for Smart Sustainable Cities, Smart Cities Council, and ASEAN Smart Cities Network, family offices, and institutional investors.

Mr. Amyx has been featured on New York Times, TIME, Forbes, The Washington Post, WIRED, TechCrunch, Inc., Pew Research, Chicago Tribune, InformationWeek, Forrester, Gigaom, ReadWrite, Shots Magazine, Business News Daily, IBM Big Data & Analytics, Intel, Geektime, Examiner, TechBeacon, EE Times, IEEE, El País, Costco Magazine, and television and radio programs. He has spoken at TEDx, European Commission, World Economic Forum, ITU Telecom World (United Nations), International CES, SXSW, IBM Insight, IBM Amplify, IBM Watson IoT, IBM InterConnect, PTC LiveWorx, AMEX, SAP, CRM Evolution, THINK!, NED, Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud & DevOps World, KAIST, Samsung SDS, ArabNet Dubai & Riyadh, Internet Summit, JCK Las Vegas, Customer Service Experience, Razorfish Tech Summit, Location & Context World, Internet of Things World, K-Global Startup, and more. 

Scott Amyx is the co-author of Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook, an academic publication by John Wiley and Sons and The Advances in Information Security, Privacy, & Ethics (AISPE) Book Series: Managing Security Issues and the Hidden Dangers of Wearable Technologies, an academic publication by IGI Global.

Mr. Amyx has a master’s degree in applied microeconomics/ public policy from the University of Chicago. He was a national Sloan Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University.


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