Client-Centric Law Firm Growth Strategies for Personal Injury Attorneys

How Personal Touch and Specialization Transformed Big River Law Firm with Rusty Messer

Spotlight on Law Firm Growth Journeys with Rusty Messer 

In this interview, Rusty Messer, the founder of Big River Law Firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shared his 17-year journey and transformation from a copier company owner to a personal injury attorney. His insights and strategies offer valuable lessons for law firm owners aiming for growth and success.

Choosing Personal Injury: A Twist of Fate

Rusty’s career in personal injury law began with an unexpected turn during law school. He received an offer from a prestigious law firm but was assigned to a remote location in Monroe, Louisiana. Despite being unfamiliar with the area, he decided to give it a shot. However, Rusty quickly realized that the big law firm environment was not aligned with his entrepreneurial spirit. He had previously owned a copier company, and his passion for controlling his destiny led him back to Baton Rouge, where he started his journey in personal injury law.


A Client-Centric Shift: The Key to Growth

One of the pivotal moments in Rusty’s career occurred about three years ago when he went solo. He also initiated a client-centric approach to better understand his clients’ needs and concerns. The most common complaint he discovered among clients was the lack of communication and transparency regarding their cases. To address this, Rusty hired a client support specialist. This proactive approach improved client satisfaction and allowed the firm to identify potential issues that could cause delays in cases.

Building a Culture of Care

Rusty prioritizes caring for clients, ensuring they receive more value than they pay for. His focus on demonstrating value stems from a personal commitment to making clients feel valued. By understanding the “why” behind his work, Rusty connected with clients on a deeper level and built a culture of care within his firm.

Multi-Channel Client Acquisition: A 360-Degree Approach

Rusty employs a multi-channel approach to client acquisition, combining traditional methods like billboards and radio ads with personal networking, offering cookies, and building relationships. Referrals play a significant role in attracting clients to his firm.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents: Rusty’s Niche

One of the distinctive aspects of Rusty’s practice is his specialization in commercial motor vehicle accidents. He explained that these cases involve different regulations and complexities compared to regular car accidents. Commercial motor vehicle accidents often trigger federal motor carrier safety regulations, and multiple layers of insurance coverage are typically involved. Rusty stressed the importance of seeking an attorney experienced in handling commercial motor vehicle accidents for these specific cases.


Rusty Messer’s journey from an entrepreneurial background to a successful personal injury attorney offers valuable lessons for law firm owners. His emphasis on client care, effective communication, and specialization in commercial motor vehicle accidents has set Big River Law Firm apart in the legal field. Rusty’s client-centric approach and dedication to providing value have not only fueled the firm’s growth but also made him a trusted name in Baton Rouge’s legal community. Law firm owners can learn from Rusty’s experiences and strategies to transform their practices into client-focused and successful enterprises.


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