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Creating a Unique Niche Business in the Healthcare Industry with Jean Llamas

In an enlightening conversation with Jean Llamas, founder of Care Navigators, we get a glimpse into the innovative world of medical advocacy and the journey of an entrepreneur who harmonizes care with business acumen.

The Genesis of Care Navigators:

Llamas’ venture into Care Navigators wasn’t just a business decision; it was a personal calling. Her experience in nursing, combined with her firsthand experience navigating the healthcare system for her family, highlighted a glaring need for personalized medical advocacy. 

She realized that while healthcare had become a sprawling industry, the human element often got lost in the labyrinth. This epiphany led to the birth of Care Navigators – an organization dedicated to being a family member for hire, navigating the convoluted healthcare system for those in need.


The Care Navigators Approach:

At the heart of Care Navigators is a team of nurses, social workers, and medical advocates, many of whom have personal stories that echo Llamas’. Their services are comprehensive, ranging from acting as proxy attorneys to guiding families through the maze of healthcare, especially in cases involving dementia and mental health.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Llamas candidly discusses the challenges of hiring the right people – empathetic individuals who can navigate a system that often feels impersonal and intimidating. The solution, she found, was in a robust orientation process coupled with continuous feedback and training. Another significant hurdle was the pandemic, which necessitated scaling back but also provided an opportunity to re-strategize and focus on core competencies.

Marketing Strategies and Expansion:

Jean reveals that Care Navigators leverages diverse marketing channels, from Facebook to LinkedIn and community-focused continuing education units. The organization’s unique position as a non-traditional healthcare service allows it to stand out in an otherwise saturated market.

Personal Balance and Future Outlook:

Balancing the emotional weight of her work, Llamas finds solace in personal activities like meditation, exercise, and surprisingly, running a karaoke DJ company. Looking ahead, she envisions expanding Care Navigators’ footprint while continuing to offer tailored, compassionate care management.


Jean Llamas and Care Navigators represent a beacon of hope in a healthcare system often criticized for its impersonal nature. By prioritizing empathetic care and smart business practices, Llamas is not just running a company; she’s leading a movement towards more humane healthcare.


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