Building a Successful Law Firm

Building a Successful Law Firm: Lessons from Rebecca Adelman’s Journey

In an insightful interview with Rebecca Adelman, the founder of the Adelman Firm in Memphis, Tennessee, she shared her experiences and wisdom gleaned from a successful legal career spanning nearly 35 years.

From Michigan to Memphis: A Journey in Law

Rebecca Adelman‘s journey in law is marked by her move from Michigan to Memphis, Tennessee, a transition that brought her into a new cultural and professional environment. This move was a key inflection point in her career, providing the opportunity to establish her own practice in a region with few women trial lawyers at the time.

Specializing in Healthcare and Senior Living

Adelman has developed a niche in insurance defense, particularly focusing on healthcare systems and senior living. Her expertise in representing hospital systems, medical groups, long-term care communities, and various healthcare providers showcases her deep understanding of this complex field. Her commitment to senior care, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities, has made her a thought leader in this area.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Beyond the Law Firm

Adelman’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond her law firm. She has founded Adelman Claims Management and GuidePath, a national certification program for senior living communities. These enterprises reflect her commitment to problem-solving and addressing challenges in senior living and healthcare.



Embracing Change and Fearlessness


A critical point in her journey was embracing fearlessness in her early 50s. This shift allowed her to explore new business opportunities and creative solutions, reflecting the importance of personal growth and confidence in entrepreneurship.


Client Acquisition and Brand Building


For Adelman, client acquisition is about creating unique content and value. She emphasizes corporate social responsibility, partnering with organizations that align with her firm’s values. This approach not only attracts clients but also builds a brand based on integrity and trust.


Work-Life Being: A New Approach to Balance


Adelman challenges the traditional notion of work-life balance by introducing the concept of “work-life being.” This philosophy focuses on being present in each moment, whether it’s working, parenting, or engaging in personal activities, and responding adaptively to being off-balance.


Challenges and Opportunities as a Woman-Owned Firm


As a woman-owned law firm, Adelman acknowledges the challenges she has faced, including bias and limited opportunities. However, she has used these challenges to her advantage, seeking opportunities to grow and mentor the next generation of female lawyers.


Key Takeaways for Law Firm Owners

Rebecca Adelman’s journey offers valuable lessons for law firm owners:

  1. Embrace your unique path and find your niche.

  2. Extend your impact beyond your law firm through related enterprises.

  3. Cultivate fearlessness and confidence in your decisions.

  4. Focus on creating value and building a trustworthy brand.

  5. Adopt the work-life being approach for a balanced professional and personal life.

  6. Recognize challenges as opportunities for growth and leadership.

  7. Build relationships and networks that align with your values and goals.


Rebecca Adelman’s experience exemplifies the power of resilience, innovation, and a strong sense of purpose in building a successful law firm. Her journey offers inspiration and practical guidance for law firm owners striving to make their mark in the legal world.


QUESTION: What specific strategy or innovation has been most effective for your law firm in attracting and retaining clients?


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